Λ Ν Ν Λ Ι Ν Λ   S E I F E N

Our hand-made natural soaps have been carefully and devotedly made from pure natural products by our beloved soap maker for a total of 12 years (est. In 2009).

Nowadays cosmetics often show a very intensive chemical trace, increasingly even substances that are much more likely to damage our skin than care for it.

In the manufacture of our natural products, the most important thing for us is, that our consist quality components. Likewise, that the manufacture and the products are and will remain environmentally friendly.

Many associate the idea of soaps with dry skin and therefore often avoid using them. However, the vegetable oils (for example olive oil) that our product contains do not allow the skin to dry out because they have a moisturizing effect. 


For every skin type there is one, but usually several suitable natural soaps from our range

My name is Anna Christina Toth and I was born in Hainburg an der Donau, Austria. I associate a lot with home that is important to me personally and love rural Austria. For a reason that is completely clear to me, natural soaps are also part of “local”, “rural”, “arriving at home”. The scent that flows towards you as soon as the large squeaky gate to the garden opens, a mixture of “that’s how it smells at home ”and natural products such as soaps, homemade juices and freshly picked fruit.

I discovered my love for natural soaps over the past decade in the soap factory of a family friend. From this friendship and the increased interest in the particularly fragrant, colorful natural products, Λ Ν Ν Λ Ι Ν Λ – SOAPS arose.

However, I draw my inspiration from the Greek coasts and the Mediterranean. I spent over five years on a small Greek island called Kerkyra, a very special time that had a great influence on the natural soaps and my personal impulses. In the small Greek villages it is still the tradition to use pure olive oil soaps instead of conventional shower gels. The decision to use olive oil in the soaps was therefore therefore no doubt.

Our natural soaps are made from natural ingredients in an environmentally friendly manner. Nowadays we are developing more and more into a “throwaway society” with no added value or respect for nature.

For me, however, our natural products have a very special meaning that I would love to share from now on with anyone who allows me to. I’m looking forward to each and every one of you!


Your Annaina