the R O S E M A R Y


Activate your skin with our new
R O S  E M Λ R Y soap and let yourself shine through a lot of nature!
Rosemary is said to have numerous positive effects, and the herbal wizards among us can certainly confirm that!  🙂



This of course includes the blood circulation-promoting property, which can promote cell renewal.  Furthermore, rosemary can be said to have an anti-inflammatory effect, which is wonderfully helpful for skin problems, especially for irritation.  Rosemary also has a disinfecting effect due to the oil included, among other natural ingredients.
Since rosemary is often used as a muscle relaxant, not only the skin but also tired muscles can be pampered and relieved during a pleasant shower.
Increased blood flow can lead to reddening of the skin when using the soap.  If this does not cause itching, it is a natural reaction and nothing to worry about – it won‘t last for long.


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